7 September, 2022

Lubeca LW-303 2 stations automatic seamer for irregular cans with clincher – Ref. J021

Tooling fitted for oval cans. Can be set up for different sizes (Hansa, Dingley, club, etc...)
3 March, 2022

Angelus 120L automatic seamer- Ref. J007

Tooling fitted for approx. 50/52 mm
6 August, 2020

Angelus 120L automatic seamer – Ref. I016

Tooling fitted for approx. 73 mm.
7 February, 2020

Klinghammer 430 double flanger-seamer combination machine – Ref. I006

Available tools for 99 and 108 mm
2 May, 2018

Goetz 47P automatic 8 heads seamer – Ref. G056

Tooling fitted for approx. 83 mm
30 April, 2018

Klinghammer DFS250 combination flanger-total curler-seamer – Ref. G055

Tooling fitted for approx. 216 mm. Necker-Flanger-Seamer
6 April, 2018

Comaco AGM/4 automatic seamer – Ref. G052

Tooling fitted for approx. 99 mm
12 March, 2018

Fmi-Angelus automatic back-end making line for 153 mm – Ref. G047

Consisting of Fmi mod. 1153 automatic flanger, FMI A302 beader, Angelus 50P seamer
26 January, 2018

Lanico CF426 combination flanger-necker-seamer for aerosol – Ref. G044

Tooling fitted for approx. 65 mm necked-in
15 January, 2018

Lanico BF311 double flanger double seamer – Ref G040

Tooling fitted for approx. 153 mm
28 November, 2017

Automatic Rectangular Can Making Line For Edible Oil (117x145x315(h) mm) – Ref. G036

With new tooling for 117x145 mm rectangular
19 September, 2017

Lanico BF280AE double flanger-necking-double seamer – Ref. G025

Tooling fitted for approx. 65 mm
11 September, 2017

Complete aerosol can making line for 52 and 65 mm – Ref. G023

Output: Up to 60 cpm
11 September, 2017

Klinghammer STAV-175 automatic combination double flanger-seamer – Ref. G021

Including tools for 99, 127 and 153 mm. Machine is delivered totally overhauled
20 June, 2017

Angelus 43P automatic seamer for aerosol domes/tops – Ref. G062

Available toolings for 52 and 65 mm
20 June, 2017

Angelus 41P automatic seamer for aerosol bottoms – Ref. G020

Available toolings for approx. 52 and 65 mm
22 February, 2017

Complete automatic composite can making line for 99 mm round cans – Ref. G004

Composite can making line 99 mm running at 220 cans per minute
1 February, 2017

Lanico BF311 double flanger-double seamer – Ref. G002

With two available toolings for approx. 105 and 153 mm
31 January, 2017

Lanico BF311 automatic double flanger-double seamer – Ref. G001

Lanico BF311 with two toolings for 105 and 165 mm
28 December, 2016

Lanico BF311 double flanger double seamer – Ref. F085

Lanico BF311 combination machine for 165 mm
26 October, 2016

FMI A-471 automatic seamer – Ref. F078

FMI A-471 automatic seamer of 6 stations with driven lifters and several available toolings
7 April, 2016

Somme 434 automatic seamer for irregular cans – Ref. F061

Fully overhauled with new electrics
7 April, 2016

Somme S-444-A automatic seamer for regular and irregular cans – Ref. F060

Fully rebuilt with warranty, capable to close all shape of cans
7 April, 2016

Lanico BF280AE double flanger-necker-double seamer combination machine – Ref. F059

Tooling fitted for approx. 65 mm
5 April, 2016

Lubeca LW-303 2 stations automatic seamer for club cans with new clincher – Ref. F038

Fully rebuilt with tooling fitted for club cans and new clincher in stainless steel
5 April, 2016

Comaco AGM4 automatic seamer – Ref. F035

Equipped with tooling for approx. 73 mm. Can be delivered totally rebuilt or as-is
5 April, 2016

Blema-Aue mod. KEAVU-160 5 stations automatic seamer for irregular cans – Ref. F034

Tooling fitted for approx: RR asparagus (81 x 156 mm)
5 April, 2016

Hema SHV60 automatic seamer with clincher – Ref. F033

Tooling fitted for approx. 99 mm. Machine fully overhauled.
5 April, 2016

Angelus 69P automatic seamer – Ref. F031

Tooling fitted for approx. 73 mm
5 April, 2016

Angelus 60L automatic seamer – Ref. F030

Tooling available for approx. 99 mm

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