12 May, 2022

Palletizers for tuna and 1/4 club sardines cans – Ref. J017

Pallet dimensions: 1110 x 1420 mm. Pallet Height: Max. 1250 mm
11 May, 2022

Perfecto Coil Feeding Line – Ref. J016

Line was operating as the front end of an aluminum can production line. Year 2003
28 April, 2022

Mawag ATS110 automatic body blank feeder – Ref. J014

For slitters with max. cutting width: 1040 mm
27 April, 2022

Sacmi complete ROPP caps 28×15 mm production line – Ref. J013

Output: 50.000 caps/hour. Year 1997
13 April, 2022

Sacmi complete Aluminum Pilfer Proof caps 28×15 mm making line – Ref. J012

Output: up to 1.000 caps/minute
3 March, 2022

Complete Solbern filling-seaming group with Angelus 120L seamer for beverage cans – Ref. J006

Tooling fitted for approx. 52/50 mm beverage cans
2 December, 2020

Sacmi compression moulding line for 2-pieces plastic closures type PP CSD. For producing sizes of 28mm – 1816 Liner EVA – Ref. I024

Output: 320 caps/minute. Year 2001. For producing sizes 28 mm PCO1816 Liner EVA
20 October, 2020

Hema complete filling-seaming line for round cans 99 mm – Ref. I023

Fully rebuilt in 2015. Output 80 cpm
2 September, 2020

Bonfiglioli automatic tester for cans 153 mm – Ref. I021

Output: Up to 150 cpm
26 August, 2020

Sacmi compression moulding line for 1-piece plastic closures type HDPE CSD. For producing two sizes 28 mm x 20 mm & 28 x 30 mm – Ref. I018

For producing sizes 28 mm x 20 mm Liner less 1810. And 28 x 30 mm Liner less 1888. Output Up to 450 per minute.
17 March, 2019

Cenzano automatic vertical parter – Ref. H009

Tooling fitted for approx. 65x35 mm
29 October, 2018

Complete aerosol can making line 52 mm – Ref. G071

Max. Output 120 cpm. The line is still installed and running
29 October, 2018

Meltog 613 bodymaker – Ref. G070

Tooling fitted for 236 x 225 mm
11 September, 2018

ASC Machine Tools double arm uncoiler – Ref. G066

13.6 MT double arm uncoiler for steel or aluminum coils
14 June, 2018

Fuji Primex P-452 complete double colour printing line with Huayu 30 meters tunnel oven – Ref. G061

Max. Sheet size: 1145 x 950 mm. Year 2009
16 April, 2018

Littell LM-2E automatic coil cutting line – Ref. G053

1200 mm sheet size. Still installed and running
12 March, 2018

Frei AG PCB 8/G horizontal curing oven – Ref. G046

8 curing meters lenght. Tooled for 153 mm
15 January, 2018

Score repair system for EOE round ends double lane – Ref. G042

Double lane of production of 1200 ends per minute on different round end sizes
30 November, 2017

Complete 2 pc Steel Beverage Can Making Line – Ref. G037

For the production of beverage cans of 33cl (211/202 x 408)
16 November, 2017

Complete factory for sale of transparent photovoltaic (PV) glass for buildings – Ref. G035

Complete factory for sale for the production of solar pannels and transparent photovoltaic glass for buldings in different dimensions.
9 October, 2017

Yale GLC60TF Triplex LP Gas Forklift – Ref. G027

Lift Height: 6,5 meters. Capacity: 2.500 Kg.
19 June, 2017

Complete automatic 18L square can making line (235X235 mm) – Ref. G019

Max. Output up to 35 cpm. Excellent Condition
22 February, 2017

Complete automatic composite can making line for 99 mm round cans – Ref. G004

Composite can making line 99 mm running at 220 cans per minute
8 December, 2016

Aluminum aerosol monobloc decorating equipment – Ref. F084

Aluminum aerosol decorating equipment from 1997
8 December, 2016

Complete Schuler aluminum aerosol monobloc can making line – Ref. F083

Schuler complete aluminum aerosol monobloc can making line from 1997
26 October, 2016

Coster RB12E automatic leak tester for aerosol cans – Ref. F080

Coster leak tester for aerosol cans of 65 mm. Fully overhauled with newPLC, electrics and touch screen
26 October, 2016

Bonfiglioli KBA 07216 leak tester for aerosol cans – Ref. F079

Bonfiglioli KBA 07216 leak tester for aerosol cans with two set of toolings
25 April, 2016

Bronzoni automatic palletizer – Ref. F068

For pallets with max. dimensions of 1120 x 1420 mm, height 1700 mm. Production speed of more than 600 cans/minute
5 April, 2016

Cevolani BQ-49 automatic flanger for irregular cans (2L mineral oil) – Ref. F025

With tooling fitted for approx. RR 66 x 197 mm (2L mineral oil)
29 March, 2016

Bodymaking Line for quarter paint cans 99 mm – Ref. F002

Bodymaking Line for quarter paint cans 99 mm consisting of GCD Bodymaker, Gobbi Y Fusco automatic flanger, GCD seamer for ring, GCd seamer for bottoms, GCD automatic seamer, Manual Tester, Output 120 cpm

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