27 April, 2022

Sacmi complete ROPP caps 28×15 mm production line – Ref. J013

Output: 50.000 caps/hour. Year 1997
13 April, 2022

Sacmi complete Aluminum Pilfer Proof caps 28×15 mm making line – Ref. J012

Output: up to 1.000 caps/minute
4 March, 2022

Sacmi complete crown corks production line – Ref. J010

With Sacmi PTC110 and Sacmi PM1200 liners
10 December, 2020

Complete Minster EOE making line for 73mm including Blema shell making line – Ref. I025

Output of approx. 300 ends per minute
2 December, 2020

Sacmi compression moulding line for 2-pieces plastic closures type PP CSD. For producing sizes of 28mm – 1816 Liner EVA – Ref. I024

Output: 320 caps/minute. Year 2001. For producing sizes 28 mm PCO1816 Liner EVA
28 August, 2020

Complete Easy Open Ends making line for 50mm including shell making line – Ref. I019

Output up to 500 ends per minute
26 August, 2020

Sacmi compression moulding line for 1-piece plastic closures type HDPE CSD. For producing two sizes 28 mm x 20 mm & 28 x 30 mm – Ref. I018

For producing sizes 28 mm x 20 mm Liner less 1810. And 28 x 30 mm Liner less 1888. Output Up to 450 per minute.
12 March, 2020

Heilbronn complete cupping lines for 2pc beverage cans – Ref. I008

Two cupping presses PE 130 PDA from year 2009 with additional coil equipment and several die sets.
4 March, 2020

Naroska TOPIT conversion press and liner – Ref. I007

Process operations are cutting, pre-drawing and oiling, skirt drawing, inside reverse curling and compound lining
28 October, 2019

Minster P2-45 complete EOE making line for 83 mm ends – Ref. H023

Output up to 350 ends per minute
18 October, 2019

Golden Eagle aerosol bottom zigzag automatic sheet feed press – Ref. H022

Tooling fitted for approx. 65 mm. Year 2015
9 April, 2019

Cepeda complete twist off caps making line of newer technology – Ref. H010

One complete manufacturing line, with tools for diameter 58, 63 and 82mm RTS/RSB with Sheet feed press tooling 3-out each format and 2 MF8 and Oven, max. output 500 epm
5 February, 2019

Sacmi complete crown caps making line – Ref. H003

Consisting of Sacmi PTC027 and 2 liners PMC300A. Year 2011
16 January, 2019

Complete automatic rectangular can making line 3-5Lt – Ref. G076

For producing rectangular cans of 149 x 116 mm and 165 x 103 mm
17 October, 2018

Callahan complete crown cork caps making line – Ref. G069

For standard crown caps of diameter 32mm, height 5.97 mm +/-. Output up to 3.000 capsper minute, The line is still installed and running
1 October, 2018

Cevolani complete end making line 73 & 99 mm – Ref. G067

Year 2004. Very good condition
6 April, 2016

Golden Eagle complete twist off caps making line for 63 mm and 82 mm – Ref. F045

running at 250 ends per minute
6 April, 2016

Blema complete end making line for 153 mm ends – Ref. F044

Complete Blema end making line for producing 153 mm ends
6 April, 2016

End Making Machinery for 99 mm ends – Ref. F043

Up to 500 ends per minute
6 April, 2016

Cepeda complete twist off caps making line for 82 mm caps – Ref. F042

Max. Output 500 epm
30 March, 2016

Complete end making machinery for 73 mm – Ref. F006

Output: Up to 600 epm

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